iNow is designed facilitate a collaboration of worship between different denominations.  It seems we forget that there are other churches all around us; and, ultimately, we all have the same goal - to serve and worship the one true God.  

iNow Ministries purpose is to tell people that God is in love with them and tell God that we are in love with Him.

iNow is also designed to be different every time.  iNow is meant to be mobile. Different churches in a community are meant take turns hosting iNow. Even churches or ministries that don't have sound equipment or a band are able to host an iNow with the help of other churches/ministries.  The iNow staff will be glad to organize a local group of worship leaders to do worship for an iNow (if you don't have your own team). iNow is a great way to get your name out in the community and is often used as a very effective ministry outreach.

What is iNOW?

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